Shane Ruxton of SDC Chartered Accountants advising a client

'Real World' experience

With over 15 years of experience across both private practice and industry, we possess ‘real-world’ knowledge that sets us apart. This experience makes us better equipped to provide expertise on how to improve your business, not just manage your financial statements.

As a small accounting firm, we take the time to get to know your business inside out. You will deal with the same person consistently, which allows us to provide you with personalised service that meets your unique needs. We are always available to talk when you need us, and you won't get a bill just for asking a question.

Our initial consultation is free, and we can provide fixed prices to complete your work.

At SDC Chartered Accountants, we are hands-on and always available to discuss how to accelerate the growth of your business.

Shane Ruxton

Meet Shane Ruxton, the owner of SDC Chartered Accountants. Shane is a Chartered Accountant with a tonne of valuable experience in the industry. He started his career at a ‘Big 4’ accounting firm, where he trained in the tax division before moving on to a variety of commercial and finance roles over the last 10+ years.

In these roles, Shane has driven increased revenue, reduced costs, and improved financial outcomes for a variety of large New Zealand businesses. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and believes in delivering results that drive improved business performance.

With his expertise and proven track record, Shane is committed to providing clients with personalised service that meets their unique needs. He is always available to discuss how to accelerate the growth of your business and provide guidance on getting the best financial outcomes.

Shane Ruxton of SDC Chartered Accountants, Whangarei